Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Running in the White Rock Marathon Relay

Let me start with the fact that I've never been a runner before.  I don't know that I would call myself one now, but I have tried several times over the past decade to take up running because it is one of Tim's passions and it would be something I could do with him. But, it just never clicked for me and so pre-kids we would go on long walks together, but once we had kids, he would run and I would do go to the gym or walk.  Now, I still can't keep up with my speed-demon hubby, but I have grown to really like running and I will try to eventually catch up to his time...who am I kidding!! I will never catch him :)  but, I plan on continuing to run.   

It all started when I was reading a post of Heather's from her blog and got so inspired by her wanting to run the White Rock 1/2 marathon as a gift to her husband Brandon, "in honor of him and this charity he feels so strongly for".  I was so moved by it that I called or emailed her right after I read it and told her I would run it with her.   Then, I got off the phone and asked myself what had I just committed myself to???  13.1 miles??  But, then I found out that Brandon wanted to run it and we talked about getting a team together to do the relay.  For this non-runner, 5 miles sounded just fine :)  And, as of this past Sunday, our "team" ran the race in this crazy Texas weather and watched Brandon as the last leg of the relay run across the finish line! 

Tim and I decided to "carb" it up on Saturday night before the race and tried out a new restaurant Dough.  Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

All layered up and ready to run!    Just to show how crazy this Texas weather is - Thursday night I ran my last pre-race run with a tank top and capri workout pants.  Sunday morning I had on gloves, hat, tank top, long sleeve, throw-away sweatshirt, rain jacket and capri workout pants!  Ugh!

Capturing a couple parts of my run

I took the bus back after my leg of the relay was over to meet up with Tim and Nathan.  These guys are such great running partners.  I'm so impressed at how well they do and that they can talk to each other during their runs.  I can't even sing my songs out loud without losing my breath :)  They finished their 1/2 in 1 hour 48 minutes!  Amazing!!

Brandon's brother Wade had finished around the same time as the boys and then Heather came in and joined us.  Way to go guys!!! So proud of you!

 Woohoo...we did it!

Check out our relay team name...Brandon's Beauties!   Thanks Brandon!  One joking suggestion in an email and you took it??  I set myself up for that one!

Here he comes - look at that big smile!  As he should have!  What a great accomplishment Brandon!  I am so proud of you and so happy to have been part of your team!

Little side shuffle showboating!  I expect nothing less of you Brandon!

And the finish!

Aren't they so cute!

Our relay team and the 1/2ers!

See you next year!

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Cort said...

congrats, jules! you should be so proud!