Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Lights for the 1st Time

We went up to Watters Creek to let the girls see the Christmas lights.  Avery loves them of course and this was Ella's 1st time to see anything like it.  She couldn't stop pointing and jibbering about them and just kept pointing and pointing and pointing.  It was so cute! a pic of them both smiling and looking at the same time.  Enjoy it for now!

What is it about these ducks that the kids love them so much?  Ella was super-excited to be able to "almost" sit on them.

But, then she fell off...maybe I should have helped her instead of taking the photo but it wasn't that far down.  Oh well.  Just a little dirt on the hands.  She probably kept falling off bcuz her hat kept falling over her eyes. I think we might need a new hat.

And then Avery wanted me to join the photo op

Showing off her freebie they gave her in her favorite store up there...Vera Bradley.  She has to go in every time we go up there.  She loves to peruse around and look at all the bright patterns and accessories.

And, well of course we had to get ice cream.  We should buy stock in Paciugo!

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