Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Programs

Avery had her Christmas program last Wednesday before school let out for break.  It was such a sweet performance and it's crazy to think that it will be her last one in preschool!  We didn't get any pics of them bcuz we videotaped the whole thing but it was really cute...take my word for it or some of Avery's fans that were there - Cissy, Caiden, Nana, Papa, Darmi, Poppy & Ella.  Ella kept saying Abery, Abery throughout the performance while in between taking a break from eating, dancing and clapping.  And, I don't know what I would have done without my trusty helper, Cissy!  She just Loves Ella and is such a good babysitter already!

Last day of preschool 2011

After her performance everyone went back to the classroom for snacks and juice.  Here she is giving one of her teachers her gift.

Wait, Ella spied the food...it's over!

Making herself comfortable in the class.  She'll be in this school for 4 years starting next fall.  I can hardly believe it!

Avery and I also went to see Cissy's X-Mas performance one night last week.  There's was so cute too and afterwards we got to go to Cissy's classroom to pick her up.  Avery loved seeing her classroom and really wanted to stay and play.  Here are the 2 cuties.

Here they are with the sweet twins

And, a quick visit with Santa

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