Friday, March 4, 2011

New Tunes

This post is dedicated to my sweet husband whose love for music falls just behind his love for me, his girls, family and friends. It's pretty close you guys!! Our house is never quiet and Avery has captured his love for music and run with it as well!

Tim has started to open my eyes to new music genres whether he knows it or not. He's been getting a lot of new musich from Kristen and Kevin and I'm starting to really embrace it! Usually I'm a Pop Princess (I'm not ashamed!) but lately I've been really loving some of the Indie Rock they've been giving us. I will also throw props out to the Bonners because I know they gave Tim some new tunes too, but I don't know who gave what.

My newest addiction is the Avett Brothers. I tried to find a good video clip of my favorite right now, "And It Spread", but they don't have anything good. It's all live clips that don't sound very good! Check out their album, I And Love And You. It's so great!! Let me explain how much I actually like this band...I normally work out to something totally upbeat - anything on 106.1, but today I did my whole workout to this CD - it played twice. I'm becoming my husband!!

Here's one of their songs you might recognize:

Don't even get me started on this guy...Brett Dennen - LOVE HIM!! I could listen to his CD, So Much More, over and over.

Take a listen to one of my favs...

Check out this one too by The Decemberists, Down by the Water:

Moving on to a little more upbeat. The Roots album, How I Got Over, is great...Avery loves it too!

My last one for the night. Whenever this song comes on through satellite, in my car, wherever, it just makes me want to turn it up reallllly loud and dance. My girlfriend, Cortney, posted this recently on her blog and I just LOVE it!! It reminds me of when Ella was still pretty little and Tim was out and we were playing and this song came on the TV and Avery and I turned it up really loud and just danced and danced and played it again and again on the ipod. Ahhh, memories!

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