Monday, March 28, 2011

Loving this Beautiful Weather

Minus the past couple days...we have really been enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having! We can't wait for the rain to go away so we can continue our outside endeavors :) Here is my new family favorite pic...not too bad for being taken by ourselves. We just fit :)

enjoying some patio time with the girlies

our hair is more bald spot!

this chick's smile and laughter is infectious

chasing after bubbles. who knew this could provide hours of entertainment. ella couldn't stop following them with her eyes either

kisses for daddy

big ol' brown eyes just like avery. they take everything in! and, i'll stick my tongue out right back at ya girlie! she may be able to do the tongue to the nose trick :)

tim takes the girls to the park every weekend and has had ella in the swing there but i have never seen her. i think she likes it :)

all of my crew swinging together

avery is really into counting right now...everything!! here she is counting the ducks in the pond

me and my big girl

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