Thursday, March 10, 2011

Turkey Burgers & Grilled Chicken Strips

avery is such a picky eater normally so the other night i was making stuffed turkey burgers and i had her help me. from the very beginning of adding all the ingredients together, to rolling and smashing our burgers to give to tim to grill she helped. she had such a great time too! when we asked how much cheese she wanted on her burger, she said 2 pieces and i didn't even care as long as she would attempt to eat it. well, she not only attempted, but ate a whole half of her burger before she even touched her fries. she said it was soooo delicious! 1st time to ever have a hamburger in her life!

then, last night around dinner time she got her stool back out and asked what we were making. i pulled out the chicken, barbecue sauce and basting brush and let her paint away on the chicken breasts. then, after tim grilled them we sliced her a few grilled chicken strips and she ate them all up with ketchup.

i am loving it!!! i'm sure we will hit some bumps in the road on some of the food, but a whole new world is opening up for us in the food department! all this after having told tim the night before that i was done doing the food battle with her. keep your fingers crossed it lasts :)

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