Tuesday, March 8, 2011

6 Months Baby!!

1/2 a year this one has been hanging around our house!! wow, 6 months - it's hard to believe! i feel like she just joined our family!

she is such a fun baby and i think the most chill baby too! it's crazy how laid-back she is!

fun facts about ella right now:

the past 2 days we've been crying it out at her naps and at night without her swaddle at all...heartbreaking, but so good in the long run. i'm looking forward to uninterrupted sleep :) plus, as long as i get a smile when she wakes up, it's all good!

she wants to grab onto everything and then put it right in her mouth. we've tried out bananas and avocados so far. big fan of the bananas, not so much on the avocados. sweet potatoes here we come. and, i've got to get this girl a sippy cup! she can't get enough of drinking out of our cups.

her legs are kicking and going 100 miles an hour when she is on her back...she is ready to go!

now that she's rolling, she likes to sleep on her tummy with her new lovey

she is in love with her daddy and her sister! she will stop whatever she is doing and look for them when she hears one of them come into the room and talk. and once she finds them, she gives them one her gummy smiles and gets really excited.

i love her so much!! i look at her and feel so blessed and happy to have her as my daughter! i can't wait to see her grow in the next 6 months and watch her relationship with avery blossom. she is such a joy to have in our lives...thanks sweet ella bella!

look at ms. thing!

sitting momentarily...quick shot before she fell over :)

someone has found her feet!

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