Monday, October 5, 2009

"A" is for Arboretum & Aquarium

These girls are keeping us busy I tell you or is it that the Mommy's are keeping the girl's busy...I think it goes both ways. In keeping with the "A" theme for the past 2 weeks, we took the girls to the Arboretum and the Aquarium.

We didn't know it, but the day we went to the Arboretum they were having a petting zoo, face painting, kindermusik and all sorts of fun kiddie activities.

The girls just loved the petting zoo:

Maybe she'll be a farmer :)

Getting to touch the chicken...I didn't know chickens could be brown. I thought they were all white. I try and learn one new thing a day :)

Here they are running through the hay maze:

And, then running on top of it!

The next few shot are our attempt and I stress the word "attempt" to get a decent shot of both of them together. I had a bunch more but Avery is showing her panties in all of them. I guess I need to pay attention to that one for the future :)

Rolling their pumpkins...which is apparently a no-no because some lady come over and made them stop!

Avery's driving...Shea better watch out!

She's got the "Hook'em" sign down!! She likes to show us this and today while driving in the car, Shea showed her "Horns" to Avery. She said something like do you like them and Avery said "No"! And, I told Shea, well Avery doesn't like them becuz she's an Aggie!! Who knew it could start so early :)

The Aquarium!! Our plan was to go to the Science Museum at Fair Park, but because of the Fair going on you had to buy a Fair ticket, pay for parking, etc so we decide to go to Plan B and took the girls to the Aquarium instead. They had a great time, but I think that I might have enjoyed it just a "little" bit more then them!!

Penguins greeting us as we walked in:

Check out the rays! If you put your finger on the glass (which I'm sure you're not supposed to do) they would move around.

One of the best parts is the GIANT aquarium with enormous fish in it. I think I could have stayed and watched for hours.

Here they are checking out the manatee. Is it sleeping??

Look at this octopus. It kept swimming around the tank and I think it was showing off to us!

Shea loved the Jellyfish!

Watching the penguins. We were the only ones in there. It was like our own private show :)

Ah, the shark tunnel. I've never seen some of the sharks they had in there, but it was pretty amazing. I hope to never see them in the open water either!

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