Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Girl Gymnastics Class

For the past 2 weeks, Avery and Shea have been going to what I like to call the "Big Girl" class in gymnastics - meaning Mommy and Ms. Alicia get to sit in the bleachers and watch while they do everything with Ms. Amanda. When we were approached by Ms. Amanda (who is amazing I would like to add) about moving them to the 3-year old class I was totally on board.

Then, when the actual day came and I realized I wouldn't be going with her to all the stations I was kind of sad - yet another thing for her to do on her own without me, tear, I know :) Avery was completely confused about it too when we got there, but Shea did so great!! She went right to circle time and spent the whole time with Ms. Amanda and had a blast doing so. We couldn't have done this without Shea and Avery being together because Avery went right along with Shea and Shea even comforted her saying "It's okay Avery!". Last week was much better and Avery lasted the whole time with Ms. Amanda and talked about how Mommy and Ms. Alicia were going to sit and watch.

Hopefully this post doesn't jinx me for this week :) If so - I'll keep you updated!!

Doing her forward roll with Ms. Amanda

Our little monkey!!

Bear crawling on the bars with Shea - aren't they too cute!!

Taking a break to watch

Jumping on the trampolines

Getting to ring the bell, yea!!

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