Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Avery Conversations

I love when I'm putting Avery put to bed and holding her right before I put her in her crib. I'm rubbing her back and kind of rocking her and she starts rubbing my back too! It's the BEST!! And then right before I leave the room I blow her a kiss, she blows me one right back and say I Lub You - what a way to end the day :)

Me: Ave, I've got to get ready you want to come in my bathroom with me??
Avery: No, I stay here and color
Me: Are you sure, you can play with your bath toys?
Avery: No, I stay here. Mommy you need to take bath? Need to shower??
Me: Yes
Avery: I stay and color

Tim gets home from his run:
Avery: You done run??
Tim: Yes
Avery: You have good run Daddy?
Tim: Yes
Avery: That's good

Me: You want to try some brocolli Avery
Avery: No like boccoli, it's yucky!
Me: How do you know, you've never tried it??
Avery: Looks at the brocolli, picks it up and actually tries it, then starts coughing and making a terrible face - No LIKE boccoli!!
Me: I'm sorry baby but thanks so much for trying :)

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