Tuesday, October 20, 2009


You know how you wish for things sometimes and then as it comes true it actually doesn't give you the best feeling...you thought it would feel differently. That's how Avery's new and continuing Independence feels to me.

I remember the first time she left our house with my parents to go spend the night forever ago and she just walked out the door and hardly looked back to wave goodbye and I closed the door with tears in my eyes. Tim looked at me and told me to not cry because this is what we had been wanting along, but I just hadn't been totally prepared for it. I don't think you ever can be.

Then, we would go to "Mommy's" gym and she would hang on me and cry and not want to play with the other kids - a handful of times later she was running in there without a look back.

Now, she's going to preschool and we haven't fully gotten over the crying right before we go in, but I know it is coming any day and as much as I prepare for it, it will still pull on my heartstrings the first time it happens.

Someone read me an article the other day about how as parents we are holding on to the strings of a kite - the kite being our children and all through their lives we slowly let out a little more string to let them fly by themselves and so as Avery's Mom I am slowly doing that (I mean come on she's only 2 right), but let me tell you it's something I didn't realize I had signed up for, but I'll take it in stride and know that one day my Baby Girl will know how to fly by herself and be damn good at doing it!!

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