Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tim's BirthDAY...I mean Weekend!

Are you ready for the madness...I don't know if you are!! Tim's birthday was last weekend and we celebrated it ALL weekend and had a great time!! Don't you just love Saturday birthdays?? It only happens about every 7 years but it is so great to have your birthday on the weekend. We took full advantage of it this year and enjoyed every minute of it...maybe not the mornings necessarily, but the rest of the time was great!

Here we go...

Friday Night - Dinner with My Family

At home before we met my family for dinner:

We met my parents and Brian for an amazing dinner at Steve Field's Steak and Lobster in Plano. Right now, they have Restaurant Week which if you've never gone to a restaurant during Restaurant Week, look one up and go! It is a great deal...3 course meal for $35 a person in some of the best restaurants in Dallas. Steve Field's had a fantastic menu selection...Filet Mignon, Lobster Tail, Lamb Chops, Crab Cakes, Prime Rib and Salmon/Halibut. Mom, Brian and I couldn't decide what to get so we split the Lobster, Filet and Lamb good!!

I finally got some pics with my family...Mom & I

Bri & I

Dad & I

The whole Fam...We realized that this is the first time that we've had dinner with my parents and Brian without Avery since before she was born. We will definitely have to do this more often because we had such a blast!

Saturday - Tim's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Tim/Daddy, Happy Birthday to You!!

Tim's fantasy football league was having their draft on Saturday so all afternoon Tim and the boys were setting up their football teams for the season. Apparently it went well for Tim so that made for a Happy Birthday Boy :) After the draft was over, we all went over to the Hale's for a barbecue and then out to the Gingerman afterwards. All the food was so good and we got to catch up with everyone that we hadn't seen in awhile.

Here are the boys playing "Bags" in the backyard:

One of the fantasy crew's wives, Elisa, was also celebrating her birthday on Saturday...her milestone b-day of "30"!! Here are the 2 birthday cuties:

Cass, Cheryl and I

Me & Tim

Brian bought Cassie a Congratulations beer for graduating with her Masters a couple of weeks liquor at this bar but that's okay because Cass isn't the greatest at taking shots :)

Tim, Robby and Brandon...see them posing - this is the meaning behind the pose:

You Can Tri to Get Bi but You'll Get Trapped

Tim Triceps; Robby Biceps, Brandon Traps

Gotta love our Silly Men!

The Brothers...Tim, Kev and Mike

Now add the girls...

A family shot with Brandon, the honorary brother :)

Goofy poses...I love this bunch :)

Sunday - Dinner at Tim's parents

Let me preface before we get started on the Sunday celebration. A couple of years ago, Tim's grandma was in town for his birthday and they decided to do a sort of Luau theme for his dinner. This year, Tim was looking back at some old photos from the party and decided he wanted everyone to get dressed up again for his b-day. This year's theme was Good Ole' Boy/ WT. I'll tell you I'm really impressed with the outfits. Take a peek...

Avery and I in our Doo Rags (spelling?)

Tim and Avery - cowboy and biker chick

Trying to get a good pic of Ave with her skull and crossbones and those curls :)

Nothing like a "biker girl" carrying her shovels and bucket!

Ma and Pa Penrod - poor Kitty, we've been telling her to get her teeth fixed forever!

Tim and Mike drinking their 40's

Cutie Pie thinking who are all these people?? I think I'm in the wrong house!

The Old Man...

I liked Ma Penrod's tatoo so much, I had Mike give me one too!

I Heart Tom, I mean tatoo artist messed up as a joke :)

Kristen brought this guy...don't recall what his name was but he was hilarious!! Maybe Kevin will show up for Tim' next birthday!

Nothing like a NASCAR junkie drinking a glass of white wine!

Group pic of the boys:

Avery is thinking who the heck are these 2 guys??? Where are my Uncles??

The kids eating ice cream and cake:

Sissy & Avery...I see the cake and ice cream. I want more!

Avery helping Tim blow out the candles:
That's All Folks!!

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