Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday Parties

We had 2 birthday parties this weekend and had so much fun at both of them!!

Happy Birthday Danielle!!
Our 1st birthday party was for our good friend Danielle and it was Adults Only! We all met up at Fireside Pies for a super yummy and super fun dinner! It's been so long since we have all gotten together so it was so nice to catch up with everyone. I think we got every pizza possible on the menu and of course their Cheese Salad and Bruschetta. We had such a good time we were there for 4 hours...but our bill more than made up for it :) Happy Birthday Danielle!!

The Girls Side of the Table

The Boys Side of the Table

Kelli & Jana

Jana and I

Danielle and her Yummy Birthday Dessert Tray! We all especially enjoyed the marinated pineapples :)

Thanks Brandon for finishing up the desserts for us...

Happy 1st Birthday Tessa!!
Our 2nd birthday party was for our good friends daughter, Tessa. What a fun time we had and the kids especially. They had a clown there doing face painting, making balloon animals and performing a magic show. There was a bounce house upstairs for the kids and pizza and drinks for everyone.

Avery was so excited to go to the party so she could eat birthday cake! She talked non-stop about it from the time we told her we were going to a birthday party. Finally getting what she came for :)

Avery didn't want her face painted so she picked to get her painting on her knee. Here's her beautiful butterfly. She's so funny because she kept pulling her dress down to cover it up so nothing would happen to it.

Here she is with her blue balloon doggie.

Keaton (who also turns 1 this week) and Avery taking a break from the party to play.

Avery's party favor was this cute visor with her name on it. She has worn it all day today!

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