Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Much for the Lovey

Tonight, since it was storming pretty bad when Avery went to sleep and she was saying she was "scared" we thought we would try and give her something to snuggle with in bed. She has never had a "lovey" and we've been thinking of trying one recently since it's been taking her awhile to fall asleep.

First, I gave her a super soft blankie I've had since she was born. She seemed pretty excited about it and kind of laid it on top of her and held on. Well, not 2 minutes later she was calling me: "Mom, Mommy". What is it Avery?? Here's the blanket...I don't want it.

So, she then asked for the bunny I had brought in too. Here you go sweetheart. Closed the door. Not 2 minutes later again - "Mom, Mommy". What is it Avery?? Here's the bunny...I don't want it.

She lays down, smiles and starts twirling her bumper strings...haven't heard from her since!

So much for that! Now I can cross "Buy Lovey" off my To Do List :)

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