Sunday, September 13, 2009

Random Summer Fun

I have just a bunch of fun random photos to share. Here we go!!

My Sweet Angel...I love her so much!

Avery hanging out with her shovels and bears

So, it's official, Avery is potty-trained!!! Doing my happy dance right now! She's been potty-trained for about a month now and I haven't talked about it because I didn't know how it was goint to go. I'll have to say it's been pretty painless so far. Only a few accidents and I can't even blame her for all of them. It's taken me getting used to making sure I ask her and making her stop playing sometimes to go real quick - I'm such a mean Mommy :) I have been really impressed with how well Avery has taken to using the potty and she is in panties at school and doing real well there. It's so cute to see her walking around in her panties and she just loves picking them out in the morning. Besides the whole public restroom think (gross!) I'm loving NO DIAPERS!!

Checking out the giant grasshopper on our window in the morning before breakfast.

I love to bake, but don't really like making my own pastry crust. I can never seem to get it right, but this time I's a blueberry pie my mom requested of me. We had them come over to pick it up so we could have some too!!

Playing at the park and eating yogurt!

Racing Tim on the slides

Hanging on the monkey bars with a little help

Such a great grocery shopper and she loves to push her own cart.

Playing in the puddles at Darmi and Poppy's house. Why not take advantage of it when we've had this never-ending rain!

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Haley said...

Love that pie! Still can't believe it's homemade crust. Had to re-look