Sunday, September 13, 2009

Avery & Shea, Her New Friend from Gymnastics

Every Thursday morning this summer Avery has been going to Gymnastics and loving every moment of it!! Mommy too! While there, we've made friends with another Mommy (Alicia) & Daughter (Shea) and have been doing stuff with them after class is over. We've gone to "the Beach" at Stonebridge which Avery loved, splash parks and then last week they came over to our house for playtime and lunch.

It's so neat to watch the girls together because they get along so well and actually play "together". And, it's such a small world because Alicia and I have found out that we have friends in common and really seem to get along akward new friend pauses :)

Here's some of the girls having fun:

Playing at the splash park-

Waiting for their grilled cheese sandwiches

Goofing off!

Racing from the back to the front door over and over they aren't super tired from gymnastics is crazy!

Alicia and I peeked in on them because they kept cracking up and found them twirling with their dolls and falling down. Look at those big laughs!



Shea said...

I LOVE it! Those pics are sooo cute!

Wyatt Scott Smith said...

That is so awesome! I'm so happy that you found each other! XOXO