Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike & Happy New Year!

Every New Year's Eve, not only do we get to celebrate the passing of another wonderful year, but we get to celebrate Mike's B-Day! I have to's great to be Mike because not only does he get to celebrate his birthday, but there is always a "BIG" party to celebrate it with all his friends and family. And who doesn't enjoy a great New Year's Eve bash!

This year, Kitty made a delicious birthday dinner for Mike's B-Day. Lobsters, steak, shrimp...I mean you couldn't get a better meal going out. For his birthday dessert, Mike requested "Dirt Cake" which Avery gives you many thanks for:

What party would be complete without party hats?? All the girls really loved the hats this year:

Due to my lack of You Tube Friday posting for last week, I dedicate the following song to Mike for his birthday. He played this for Avery and I before we left the party and I hope he had fun dancing to it with all his friends at the New Year's party. Happy Birthday Mike!!

And finally, after we got Avery to bed, Tim and I stayed up and drank our bottle of champagne and toasted away the amazing year 2008 was for us and are looking forward to everything that 2009 brings. Here's our last photo of 2008:

We wish everyone a Happy, Happy, Healthy New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2009. xoxo-jules

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Anonymous said...

Jules, I love your bog! I'm so glad I got to see all your pictures!