Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa's

Okay everyone, this is the last of my 2008 posts. Sorry for all my slacking, but I've finally sifted through all our photos and after this I'm ready to move into 2009. Only 1 week behind :)

Christmas Eve is always at Nana and Papa's and we have a wonderful time together there. We eat delicious food, drink great drinks, and enjoy one another's company and of course watch the little ones open, I mean tear apart, their presents!

One good holiday family shot:
Turn of events, the men in the kitchen :)
Dinner at the table with the boys:
Sweet Catherine in her pretty X-Mas dress:

Before the present opening madness:
Catherine came over and helped Avery open her presents this year. She had a pile of her own presents, but decided that they should open them together. It was so cute watching them. I know they are going to grow up to be great friends...we're getting there :)

Caiden checking out the magic tricks:
Riley and Uncle Kev practicing roller skating:
Connor waiting for his roller skates to be put on. Someone is excited! Check out the mess behind him.
Molly showing off our monogrammed slippers made by Kitty and Rich. Thanks so much!
Everyone hanging out at the dinner table. The food was delicious. The drinks; wine, port, shots, yep you heard me right, Buttery Nipple shots (Nana's fav) for everyone!

Avery couldn't stop looking at the lights on the house across the street. We thought she might have seen Santa, but seeing as the lights were her favorite thing of the season, she was taken outside to check them out as well as the others on the street. Lucky girl!
The 2 princesses with Nana and Papa:
Look how much they've changed from last year:

The Fabulous Women of the Night:
A great time was had by always happens that way when we hang out with our Family. We are so blessed and I hope you and your family enjoy your blessings as well!

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thejurneyjournal said...

Julie, what great pictues. It is so fun looking at them and remembering the great time we had. I love the holidays with all of us together.