Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Friday Pics

i just keep compiling pics and have no time to post i'm just going to start posting some of them as a big grouping every now and then when they don't really have a whole post of their own.  happy friday!

yes, this is how she rolls when it comes to raspberries and don't get in the way of her hand to mouth action!

check out these cute fruit skewers i made for a teacher lunch.  more fun than a fruit salad and way more time consuming!  why do i tackle these ideas?

hanging out in our bathroom while i get ready.  she loves to be in just her diaper! should make for an interesting winter when it's finally chilly around here.

ready to go...notice the "purse" in hand.  this is a common feature on ms. ella now.

see, more diaper girl just playing

"movie star"

well, both of them are ready to go somewhere with their heels on and purses packed!

oh yes, to go outside to get the mail :)

our tiny dancer is now in dance lessons again and she is having so much fun taking it with her friend.  and, we are enjoying going out for dinner with them right after.  it makes for a super-fun end to our thursdays!

love seeing these double rainbows

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