Monday, September 24, 2012

Last Few Days of Summer

before all this school madness and new schedules started, our last weekend of the summer was pretty nice!  

that friday, the girls and i went to do some of the favorite things that avery likes to do.  1st stop the carousel at Stonebriar!  ella was not a participant this time so Aves got to ride it 3 times to herself :)

eating at chick-fil-a at another mall after the horses (it's a long story) and watching the kids on the indoor surf/wave thing at the store right near the food court.  

willow bend is so quiet and not crowded but they have great things for the kids to look at and do.

one of those quick sweet moments captured on camera

packing up avery's snack for the 1st day.

spending some time by the pool :)

with drinks in hand for the adults...summer beer is delish!

best buddies lounging together

us too :)

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