Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer Fun

some of our summer memories:

hanging out oh so patiently at the pool while avery took her swim lessons

cooking dinner for mommy & daddy

drinking out of the finest stemware for these 2 girlies


of course, you have to have hot chocolate with several helpings of marshmallows when it's a thousand degrees outside!!

and, then top it off with some popsicles on a rare cool evening in august

but most of all you have to spend lots of time by the pool!!

and, i like to spend lots of time with this man goofing off :)

and spending time with our family...

and, then looking normal again :)

last day to wear her preschool backpack to camp.  we have our new hello kitty one all ready for kindergarten!

where are those girls??  

dinner with the family and having our new babysitter over for the 1st time...we are just missing mollye while she is out of town.

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