Sunday, October 7, 2012

Queen of the Week

Last week, Avery was chosen to be Queen of the Week in her class.  This was a HUGE deal to Avery, it's the coveted role for the week in the class and mainly I think it's because they get to be the line leader all week :)  Being the head of the line is a really big deal to these little ones.  They also have an activity every day in class that centers around them and it is such a great thing becuz it helps them feel so special in their new class.

She came home that Friday with the class owl and a journal to record everything she and Mr Owl did that weekend.  Here are the pics we got of them together.  They were very busy!

Eating ice cream at Paciugo and dancing to the music up at Watters Creek

Snuggling together at bedtime after hearing a story. Poor bunny - the little stuffed animal she sleeps with every night got pushed to the corner of the room that weekend!

Doing arts and crafts and cutting out Halloween costumes together on Saturday afternoon

Going for a sleepover at Darmi & Poppy's.  They tried to get Honey in this pic with Avery and Lucky but she just didn't want to cooperate :)

Check it out, Mr. Owl has his own plate for breakfast too!

And, they ready books together...this owl is smart!

For Monday, we printed out their fun activities from the weekend and put them in the journal along with the description of all they did.  She also had to do a big family poster to share with her class.  This is the 3rd one we've done bcuz of the 2 she did in preschool too so we (I mean I actually, who are we kidding here) are getting pretty good at it!

On Friday, I came up to school and brought the Queen Chick-fil-A for lunch.  She got to wear her crown every day all day except during P.E.

And, on Friday, her class made up this poster that now hangs in her room that is all about her and what her friends and teacher think about her.  Is this not the sweetest thing ever!!  I just love it!

So, tomorrow is a new week, and Ms. Avery will have to take up her role as Princess once again while this Queen re-takes her throne!

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