Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Girls

these 2 girls...after the day is done and looking back, they are just so sweet and they make our house so alive and loud and fun!  

tonight when tim got home, the message had been erased on our rooster chalkboard from this morning and avery always notices when it's blank and wants to put something on it every day.  this was what she asked to be put on it...

she is loving her school and practically every morning she wakes up with a smile and is ready to get up and go.  i hope this continues for her for a long time!  

her teacher decorated their classroom in owls this year after the school renovation and avery has been looking for an owl thing to give her for awhile.  we found one last night at target to go in this cute owl bag and she woke up this morning so giddy to get to school and give it to her.  she also wrote this sweet note to her.  she could barely go to sleep last night she was so excited to see her teacher to give her this gift!  and, i just love seeing her just having woken up, still a little girl in her jammies!

she also said some of the sweetest things tonight-
for ella, when they were in the bath, she said "mommy, i love having a little sister" and i said that's so great and tell me why you love having a little sister and she said "because she is so much fun to play with!"  
for me and tim, she had grabbed my phone and made a little video and i would upload it but it is so shaky you can hardly see it but this is what she said while filming our family:
for me, "this is my mom, she is the greatest mom i ever had and she is in my family"
for tim, "here is my daddy and daddy is a handsome man (sweet giggle) and he's part of our family too"
for ella, "and here is my little sister as ella of course ran away from the camera!"
then she tried to film herself but didn't realize how to turn it around so she could see herself :)

ahh, ella...my little chatterbox, demanding toddler and such a mommy's girl!!!  her 1st day of school was very rough and i was only planning on sending her on monday/wednesday and that's what happened the 1st shaky week, but then the following week, on that friday, we dropped avery off at school and came home and were just hanging out and she started pretty much crying and incessentally saying she wanted to go to school and see ms. pam and ms. marie and phia (sophia her little friend) over and over and over and over.  so, i mean if shes going to cry about wanting to go to school, i called the director and asked if ella could come and i knew they had space, so off we went to school that friday morning and she now goes every m/w/f.  what an amazing transformation from the 1st day to the 5th day of school!  i just love her preschool and the teachers and staff are fabulous!  i'm so happy she loves it there...i knew she would i just thought it would take her a little more time :)  

here she is so proud of her handprints!  she talked about painting her hands for days after this.

and showing off her pig in the mud painting.  the amount of art they do there is incredible!  she comes home every day with something.  the 2-year old class is the best!!

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