Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Week

We have been so busy this summer and I am having a BLAST with the girls!  It is so much different than last year and I can't believe we are already in July.  Can't even think about how quickly it has gone and I'm looking forward to the next couple months of summertime with them!

This is how my grocery trips look right now after we pick Avery up from camp.  Why I can't seem to get there b/t 9-12 baffles me but oh well, they have fun together "driving" the car.

Lots of pool time right now and lots of slushies on our way out

I made big pitchers of water and put lemon and orange slices in them.  Avery saw me cutting up the lemons and wanted one and of course then Ella did too.  They just sat on the couch eating them...they are definitely their Papa's grandchildren!!

They had so much fun watching Kevin, Tim and Rich power wash or fence.  It was their entertainment for the night :)

She's really thinking about it, but she just likes to sit on it and pretend.  She looks so small up there!

Wednesday date with picnic and then Madagascar 3.  It was so fun!!

Thursday morning we went to story time at the library.  The girls really enjoyed it! Avery I think more than Ella but the best was the bubble-fest at the end.  The kids couldn't get enough of it!

Someone found my heels I kicked off when I got home from an office shower for 2 very special people...I don't know how women do it all day.  I was in them for 2 hours and my feet were killing me!  She did pretty good walking around in them, Avery too! I was pretty impressed!

We ran into the pet store after making a return at the store next door.  Ella loved "talking" to the birdies. Tweet, tweet, tweet

And, she had to look at each fish tank to see what was in there.

Watching Saturday morning cartoons together.  It was so cute to see them hanging out on the couch together.

Great date night with the hubs!  I have so much fun with this man!!

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