Monday, July 2, 2012

Our New Hangout

It's summer, It's Texas, It's HOT!!!  With no community pool, and plans to put a pool in on hold, check out our new family hangout spot...The Lifetime Pool!  The girls love it, Tim loves it, I love it and it keeps us cool while fighting these 100+ temps outside.  And, bonus is that I don't have to do a bunch load of towels when I get home!

Ella waiting so impatiently for the kids break to be over

Avery finally got a pair of goggles that fits her big eyes...thanks Daddy!

Friday night family time

Saturday after my class, Ella and Tim came up to meet me and Avery to swim and they ended up doing laps together!!  Avery is almost ready for her swim test for the summer.

And, me and my shadow, I mean buddy, hung out together in the shallow area and every now and then made it out a little farther.  Ahh, the terrible twos have already struck our house again, but she's still super lovable :)

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