Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Past Couple Weeks

in total random's what we've been up to the past several weeks

swim date at one of avery's preschool friends community pool

quick morning walks with the girls.  avery is such a great helper!

dancing on friday nights at waters creek

and, at home too!

wednesday dates with mommy.  this time it was at the pool

avery had a dentist appt so ella came along for the 1st time to check out the office.  she will be going for her 1st appt in september. it should be interesting :)

avery and i found some of my stuff in a big bin upstairs and she has latched on to this bear i used to sleep with when i was younger.  she has named him mr. cuddles and for awhile he was attached to her hip.  i thought it was so funny that this was the stuffed animal she chose out of all of them!

evening walks with the girls...avery being so sweet to ella.  i try and catch it on camera when i can bcuz it doesn't happen that often ;)

another wednesday date with mommy at chuck-e-cheese.  this girl was so excited!!

check out our machine portraits that we got there

and here she is with all her loot!

lots of swimming with these cuties up at the gym. we've been busy, busy, busy!

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