Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last Week

This summer is passing so quickly!  We have been so busy and I am really enjoying it with the girls.  Here's what we've been up to in random order:

Avery passing her swim test at the pool...25 meters on her own!  Way to go Aves!

This little one is obsessed with flip-flops!  Here she got out the suitcase and told me she was going to Steak and Shake with Darmi & Poppy and was going to have a Coke.  I've never given her a Coke, hmmm

Took this pic for Avery on my morning run.  It looked so pretty and made me smile...wanted to do the same for her

Talking to Darmi on the phone...she's so proud of herself

She is a little stinker too!  I came into my room the other day and this is where I found her.  She got up all on her own and brought the book too!  She just hung out and looked thru it :)

Movie date with Avery!  Ice Age.  So cute!

The best part of story time!

I've been needing an oil change for awhile, so we had nothing going on last Friday so we dropped our car off close to lunchtime and walked over to Sonic for an early lunch.  Thank goodness for the shade bcuz it was so hot.  Kids don't care though.

Our car still wasn't ready when we went back so the girls took the time to do some catch up reading with the business and automotive mags

Some flip-flops of her own size!  She made me cut off the backs before she would even put them on.  So glad I kept these of Avery's. Heather gave them to Avery as a present one year but they were too small.  Ella just loves them!!  

This has to be my favorite of the week!  She was playing in her playroom and came out like this. Just like her sister when she was this age.

Princesses live here!

Friday it rained in the afternoon so we got to enjoy a cool evening outside with the girls.  I'm getting ready for the fall weather!

Check her out.  Ready for her photo shoot!

We had a great night out with Mollye & Brian on Saturday.  Yummy food, drinks, great company and a bowling competition!  Brian even won 2 games by getting a strike with the red pin in front!

I just barely beat Tim by 1 point. Sorry babe!

Avery worked out with Tim on Sunday morning.  Here she is doing her dive-bomber push-ups ;)

And, these pics got lost in the shuffle somewhere but we went to an indoor trampoline place with Shea and Alicia after camp one day.  The girls had such a blast!  Ella wasn't sure at 1st but she quickly got the hang of it.  

The girls trying out the huge slide. Avery loved it, Ella made me come up there to bring her down.  And, then she wanted to do it over and over but with me.  Just a couple more times and we went back to the other side.

And, spending some quiet afternoon time watching movies and dancing in bed.  Such a cutie!

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