Monday, June 25, 2012

Summertime Fun

Swim lessons have started for Avery.  We go every week and then after we go out to the outdoor pool and swim and play.  Avery gets to show off her new swim moves too! What a difference a couple years  make...last time she took lessons she was crying and didn't want to get into the water.  Now, she's a fish in the water!

She so badly wants to join Avery!

Grocery store trips now involve this behemoth cart with the car attached.  Genius whoever invented's terrible to push, but they LOVE it!

Ella is infatuated with this photo of Maddie and keeps going up to it saying "Hi!" to her.  It's so cute!

Pool time with our friends Alicia and Shea

 No change on me, but no problem for this one. She just wanted to sit it in and pretend to drive. 

Ella is now a showered.  She could stay in there forever and sometimes I let her while I'm getting ready.  She just loves to play in there.  It's definitely easier then baths :)

We tried out the new yogurt shop in the neighborhood while walking around Watters Creek last week.  Pretty tasty and she loved the brightly colored's the little things!

Date night with Tim!!

Friday nights at Watters Creek eating ice cream and dancing to the live music.  Must have our purse with us!

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