Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rounding Out May

Meet Finn and Sally...they came home with Tim & Ella when Tim went to the Dollar store with them for Mother's Day cards.  Ella wasn't in a stroller, she grabbed both of these at separate times and dropped them and they broke.  So, these were the joke part of my Mother's Day gifts.  Tim and I decided to start hiding them for each other to find bcuz they are so funny and they give you a good laugh when you find them.  Tim is much better at hiding her then me and she always freak me out for a second when I find her but then I just laugh!!!  

Snacktime with the sisters!


Going to see Dave Matthews with our friends Cort & Chris.  The music was kind of a bummer this year, but the company was great!!  We had so much fun with them. Wish we could get together more often.

 I think they are cuter the bigger they are on these tiny ones!

The pool is open and we are ready to swim!

 So excited to be in the water!

 Happy hour at Sonic!  Everyone is happy!

 Bubble time out back. Ella somehow actually gets some bubbles blown. I'm impressed!

Hanging out with Avery and all her friends during Ella's nap time.

 The pro bubble blower

This one is such a goofball...wearing a pair of my socks over her jambes

And a shower cap to round out the outfit!

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