Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend with Ella

Twice a year, Tim and Avery go with Rich and the Jurneys up to Arkansas to visit Laura & Tommy.  They just LOVE going up there and fishing, hiking, swimming, eating great food, drinking with good company (adults only of course) and just some good quality bonding time together.  Avery was counting down the days all week until they could leave and that Thursday was a pretty long day waiting for Tim to get home from work to leave...but we made it :)  

Here she is with her overloaded backpack full of coloring, games and toys to play with. 

And, her pictures she made for Laura & Tommy

Packed up and on their way.  

So, Ella and I had 3 days to ourselves and it was nice and relaxing but after one night and day of the quiet I was ready for Tim and Aves to be back!  It was fun to experience nap time again to have 2 hours to myself in the afternoon.  Saturday I took her to my parents for nap and laid out and read a book...I haven't done that in forever!  We had so much fun together!  She's my little buddy :)

Friday night we just hung out around the house and went on a bike ride and watched the motorcycles drive by.  She's infatuated with them, trucks, airplanes and helicopters!  Anything that makes a loud noise.  It's fun to run with her bcuz she can just watch the cars drive by while she's in the BOB.

Saturday morning we went up to the McKinney farmers market.  I've never been and they have it every Saturday from 8-12.  They were also having an ice cream contest, food, a band, and carnival stuff the Saturday that we went so we had a lot of fun!

Eating this yummy yogurt popsicle from one of the booths

Playing the rubber ducky game to get a prize.  She played this one over and over and over again!

One of her new toys she won...and all her bracelets

Winning at the bean bag toss :)

Eating some vanilla ice cream for lunch

I LOVE this chick!

I haven't had a chance to get the pics from Arkansas uploaded yet, but they will be soon!

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