Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some Randoms

Here's some more pics I've found on the computer that I haven't gotten around to putting in posts.  Here goes:

Making the best frosted sugar cookies, my MIL's recipe, with my Best Girl!

Oh yeah, Ella is loving wearing Avery's headphones and dancing and listening to her music!

Sweet cousins dressed up as dancers

lots of coloring

and more princess dress-up!

Ella ready to go spend the night out with Avery's suitcase

She found the princess heels and is loving walking around in them.  Don't mind her scratched up nose...it healed in 4 days, woohoo!

Jammie and teddy bear day at school.  She looks so cozy!

Last girls night out before Heather and Brandon skidaddle to Atlanta in a month.  So much fun with the girlies, but so sad to see the Lairsen's go :(

Best buds!

Jessie watching Toy Story

 Ready for donut day at Avery's school.  They were all dressed up in their sweetheart outfits

 Dancing on the make-shift stage

Eating donuts with the big kids

Dinosaur shirt made at school

Already driving...watch out!

This girl moves and grooves on her bike


Always holding our lotions or chapsticks.  My lips and hands are so dry bcuz I can't find any of mine.  The hoarder has put them somewhere and I can't find them! 

Lovey and "taci" and big brown eyes :)

More bike-riding in the house of course!

 2 amazing men in my life. So blessed to have them both!!

and this amazing girl too!

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