Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ella Baby, I Mean Little Girl :)

Look how big she is getting!! She Loves putting on necklaces and she just realized she can push this stroller and she has a blast doing it.  You can't tell here but she getting some ringlets on the ends of her hair.  I can't tell if it will stay a little curly...only time will tell

She packs the food in like nothing I've ever seen in a child so tiny.  At the Dr. for her 15 months check-up she weighed only 19 lbs.  Tim and I can't figure out where all the food is going. She'll try almost anything but she's becoming a little picky.  Some of her favorite foods right now are chicken salad, any kind of bean, anything in the soups I've been making, all sorts of fruit, yogurt covered raisins, only a certian kind of cheese bunnies and pretzels, smoothies, etc.  The list could actually go on and on.

She is talking SOOO much!!  She is incessant in letting you know what she wants and won't stop asking for it until you understand her.  And, she understands EVERYTHING you say.  She has so many words...Avery, Mommy, Daddy, Darmi, Poppy, Nanny, Papa, chapstick, dog, wa-wa, milk, strawberry, blue-blue, Hi, Wow!, etc

She Loves to play in all our drawers even though she knows she's not supposed to.  And, she pulls out all their contents and thinks she's amazing.

She points at her teeth and says teeth all the time and wants to carry around her toothbrushes and show it to you.  Everytime she gets up from nap or bed she likes to go in Avery's bathroom and get her toothbrushes. 

She knows how to go up and down the step stool in the bathroom and will pull off anything that is within reach. She also likes to open the cabinets as far as they will go with the child lock on them and reach her hand in there to try and grab what she can.  She thinks she's the bomb when she successfully pulls something out.

She really enjoys playing outside and going in the car.  She likes to swing and go up on the playground but isn't a huge fan of the slide. 

She's my little shopping buddy and is great especially if there's snacks or she gets to hold something.  She likes to get out of the cart during the check-out bcuz she likes to pull all the candy bars off the shelf and hand them to me.  And, for some reason it freaks her out to stay in the cart while I'm on the other side....whatever!

She totally pulls off the fake cry to try and get her way, but I'm not falling for it :)

She knows where all her body parts are and what they are called and will point to them when you ask her...nose, eyes, ears, tummy, hands, fingers, stinky feet, toes, arms, etc.  She will "brush" her hair when holding her brush. 

She is IN LOVE with her lovey and paci a.k.a taci for Ella.  She constantly wants to go upstairs and get both of them.  But, they are sleeping during the day so they stay upstairs.

She is so much fun to be around.  We are getting in that slightly annoying constant questioning about the same thing that we can't understand but I do love hearing her little voice.  She's such a sweet, good-natured little girl.  I can't believe how big she is.  We'll see what's next!

Aren't baby giggles the Best!

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kitty said...

What a darling post!! I love the giggles & the "taci"!!!!