Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 Bike Riders

We now have 2 bike riders on our walks in the neighborhood...well, sort of. Ella doesn't use the pedals, she just pushes herself forward with her feet on the ground.  Kind of like the Flintstones!  She doesn't make it very far, but it's a start and she Loves her bike!

I guess she's thinking here that if she keeps her feet up the bike will just propel itself??

so excited about herself!!

getting a little help from daddy up the hill  

dancing and singing on the "singing rock" near the pond.  this is a favorite place of avery's that we have to stop at every time.  we all have to sing so i hope no one is listening bcuz that would be a little embarassing...for them to hear my singing, not the others :)

bike is with daddy and ella and i are walking home together.  it's a workout in itself but totally worth it!

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Cort said...

i love the 'singing rock'! kids crack me up!