Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photos from December & January

We've been so busy these past 2 months I haven't had a chance to post anything.  I have so many pics that will have to span several posts but I'll start with this one.

Look at Tim snuggling with sweet Maddie.  She stayed like this with him for a good half hour and didn't make a peep.  What a sweet girl!  I love looking at him in this pic because he's such a sweet Daddy and it's so cute to see him with our sweet niece.

One of Avery's favorite movies right now is Gnomeo and is our own Juliet:

Terrible pic of the fire but this was Ella's 1st time to see the fire on.  She kept blowing at it because we were tellling her it was so hot!

Avery sporting Tim's 1/2 marathon medal after the race

I get lost in those big brown eyes

sweet sisters

some of my favorite shots are spontaeous ones

out for kristen's b-day on the annual carriage ride thru highland park

loving pushing her stroller and wearing her necklaces

cissy and caiden spent the night and the kids got ahold of my camera.  here are the pics they took.  not too bad!

the girls have a lot of things they ride on in our house.  who knew how fun it could to be to ride your bikes inside.  good thing they are small :)

we have lots of dance parties!

check out the bike garage.  who knew when we redid this room that this would be its current purpose

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