Thursday, November 3, 2011

Super Saturday

This past Saturday was one of those glorious days outside and our day was jam-packed and it was great! 

Ella's in the process of dropping her morning nap (imagine tears streaming down my face right now) so we dressed the girls up and took them to Kinley & Kale's Halloween-themed birthday party.  I didn't do the whole costume thing for Ella this year because Kitty had made her a super-cute onesie and I made her a tutu so I thought that would work.  Avery wanted to be Snow White so score on that costume too because we already had all she needed :)   I wish it would so easy every year!

My cute little Ella!  I just want to squeeze her cheeks and give them lots of kisses!

Avery got her face-painted by the clown they had.  She made a crown on her face to go with her costume.  She loved it and kept asking me all day if any of it had come off.

Bouncing in the bounce house they had...all to herself!

Aves and Kinley...such pretty princesses without their costumes.  Those came off in no time :)

Oh yeah...she's found the slide!

Pumpkin bowling!  Such a cute idea. The kids loved it!

After Ella went down for nap, I took Avery up to Watters Creek for their Halloween festivities.  Hayride, band, tattoos, hair spray color, crafts but best of all...every store participated in trick-or-treating.  Avery loved it because she got so much candy and I loved it because I got to check out all the stores.  Found some new ones I have to go back to!

Tim had taken Ella to the park after her nap so Avery and I met them there.  I don't know where these kids get their energy!

Somebody please help me get up to the top so I can slide down...Again!

She thought she was so cool because she was swinging higher than Tim's head

Ms. Adventure here trying to climb up this thing.  She's so adventurous and even followed Avery up to the big slide and slid down with her.  Don't worry Tim and I followed her all the way up and Tim let her slide with Avery.

Last shot of me and Aves before we left to take them to Darmi & Poppy's for the night.

Happy parents ready for date night!

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