Monday, November 14, 2011

Catching Up with My Two Cuties!

I feel like I'm so neglectful about blogging right now and I feel like the pictures keep piling up but where is the time??  Here are only a few of what I have in my never-ending picture taking life of my girls and some new facts about each one.

Avery Jordan - 
*you are now finally waking up on your own and coming downstairs without us coming to get you.  part of me is a little sad about this, but mostly i'm just so happy to have you go play in your playroom before we (and i mean ella too) wakes up :)

*you are also getting up by yourself in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom without waking us up.  i think this is even better than you getting up by yourself in the morning.  sometimes you tell me you go to the bathroom 3 times in the middle of the night.  i'm happy for you to do it on your own!

*you have become such a cuddle bug and want us to hug or hold you.  i know part of it is bcuz you see us holding ella, but i'll take it right now. 

*you love school, your friends there, music class, when anyone comes over, when we go anywhere, still not the greatest eater but at least you mostly try it and what you do love you definitely eat, like listening to music, playing games on the ipod, calling people on the phone (already!!!)

love you kiddo!

supporting her team!

girly-girl getting her nails painted.  every one is a different color!

eating her ice cream we got from the ice cream truck driving around the neighborhood. she thought it was so cool and there were soooo many choices! do they make any money??

still loves wearing her dinosaur mask from ben's birthday this past spring!

Ella Ryann:
*so much to tell about you!
*14 months and I can't let go of you not being a "baby" anymore

*you babble all the time and have a few words that you can say, dog, hat, hop, da, you try hard to say avery but i think that one will take some time.  you understand everything!!!  and you are for the most part a good listener when we tell you no :)

*you have pretty much dropped down to 1 nap and it's taking some time for me to get used to it. some days you can't make it, and we go for the double but those days are becoming fewer and fewer

*you are such a little piggy...and eat everything you can.  i honestly don't know how you stuff it into your little body.  it's fantastic to watch and see what you will eat.  things i never even knew babies would like!   as long as there is food around or in your hand, we are great :)

*you walk like you've been walking your whole life.  and, we are still waiting on putting the gates up bcuz you are interested in the stairs but not any further than the 1st one.  it's only a matter of time

*finally, your top teeth have come in and the back of your mouth is just a bunch of mounds while your molars arrive.  Just wait until they all come in and the things you will be able to eat.  you are going to love it!

*you are such a smiley baby, have such a great spirit, kind of a mama's girl, i can't give up the bottle yet bcuz it's my last thing that keeps you my baby, you love stuffed animals and give them hugs, you will dole out the kisses when saying goodbye but only to everyone else and not me...i get hugs though and steal my own kisses, my favorite time of the day is putting you to bed bcuz after your books and bottle we have our one-on-one time and it's is the best!!!

*thanks for completing our family sweet girl :)

uh-oh, where's lovey??  how this munchkin wakes up :)

already helping me with the dishes.  she must be sitting because she looks so tiny!

she loves her bears!

not such a baby anymore!

waving hello

she points at EVERYTHING!

movie star!

and, she is in love with her playroom and wears avery's necklaces all the time!  anytime she goes in there, she comes out with a necklace on.  shoes and're in trouble tim!

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