Monday, November 21, 2011

Playoff Football Game with Daddy

Saturday, Tim decided to take Avery to the Allen football playoff game at Cowboys Stadium.  Lucky girl...I haven't even been to the "new" stadium yet.  Probably because I'm such a big football fan :)   Besides the many bathroom breaks, they had a great time together! 

My two loves...I love that they get to do these things together. I hope by having this blog to remind her of the things she did when she was little, she will cherish these memories when she gets older. I know Tim and I will!

And, while they were at the game I got to hang out with this goofball :)   Already doing some yoga poses.  She thought she was sooo funny so she kept doing it over and over and over again!!

and then she started to become fussy and i had read my girlfriend cortney's blog the other day and she was asking if anyone else takes photos of their kids crying.  since i already had the camera in hand, i thought i'd snap a few.  i'll get some better ones next time!  time for nap and some mommy-time :)

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Cort said...

ella sure is cute when she cries :) love and miss you, jules!