Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kid Conversations

I Love having conversations with Avery just to hear what comes out of her mouth most of the time.  But, I especially Love negotiating with her when we are talking about how many minutes she can do something.  Like how our conversation went this afternoon:

Avery:  Mommy, can I play on the computer when we get home??
Me:  Okay, for a little bit
Avery: How long Mommy?
Me:  10 minutes
Avery: I was thinking 30 minutes
Me:  No, you can play for 10 minutes though
Avery:  Well, I was thinking of something like a number that has 1 and 3 in it, I'm assuming she meant 13??  Never know for sure :)
Me:  Well, you could play for 12 minutes then
Avery:  Eyes light up, look of happiness that she won this battle, but if she only knew

It will be such a bummer when she actually gets the whole time thing but for right now I'll enjoy my upper-hand :)

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