Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween!

happy halloween from snow white on her way to school!  she was so excited to see all her friends and go to school dressed up!

and here's ella sans tutu at her kindermusik class.  see the bear she is holding??  she is in love with this bear and wants to hold it whenever possible during class.  we are getting better, but it's an obsession i'm trying to break.

we went to the jurney's to trick-or-treat and look at our sweet girls in the family.  i can't believe i got ella to look with the other 2.

check out the ghost face running around the house.  i thought he told me he was "death" face.  either way, he had the fake blood coursing through the mask!

poor girls...he was FREAKING them out :)

but see, there was a ninja behind them to keep them safe!

and they were off! they were running to every house and got quite a stash.

ella and i had to return early to their house while the kids finished trick-or-treating.  she was really enjoying playing with the cauldron of smarties by the front door. i was surprised she didn't start eating them.  she is very into taking things out and then putting them back. 

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