Saturday, October 1, 2011


We had such a great time visiting the Jasper's this year!  Avery had such a blast with Lily and being at the ocean.  We just enjoyed spending some quality time with our great friends and relaxing with our sweet girl.  Next time, Ella will have to join us to play with her new friend Drew!  In random order:

The girls immediately doing the crafts that Lily and Courtney brought for them.  What a great way for them to begin our trip.  It's like they were old friends that hadn't seen each other in forever :)

Beach time!

Avery pulling along her own suitcase showing us which line we needed to get in.  Such a big girl!

Waiting for our plane and the toys have already come out

Woohoo!  On our way!

2 happy parents

Art to decorate our fridge at the house

All packed up and heading to the beach

1st time to check-out the ocean this year


While Tim was sleeping, Avery and I went and got coffee and orange juice and muffins and went up to the beach.  Loved that morning with her!

Pics from my morning run

How cute is this little man!

Look how close this seal got to us.  The girls couldn't believe it!

Impromptu puppet show

Afternoon at a local petting zoo with pony rides. 

The last night we were there we went out with just the 4 of us.  It was a wonderful evening to finish off our trip.

Pic to embarass them with when they are teenagers :)

These are my favorite of her goofing around the last day we were there on the beach

Already a teenager...talking to Darmi on the beach

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