Thursday, September 15, 2011

Avery Jordan

In random order...a look into Avery's life this past month:

All ready for her 1st day of dance class.  She really loves her tap shoe flowers - she picked them out herself!

A common scene in our house - Avery, headphones, ipod, dancing, singing.  Pretty much sums it all up.  I wish you all could see her.  It's Awesome!!

Going to Home Depot with Tim for their Kid's project they have at the beginning of each month.  She's very proud of her pin-badges she gets to put on her apron.

Last Mommy-Avery Wednesday before preschool started.  She'd been dying to go to the paint store!  She painted a beautiful lady bug.

Joining Mickey Mouse and his gang's sleepover they were having on the show she was watching.

Showing off her own style with all her stripes.  I told her that she had on a lot of stripes and she said, "isn't it great mommy!  they match!"

Loving some Baskin Robbins bubble gum ice cream.  She's got some crazy faces!

Goofing off at Pier 1 with their Mardi Gras masks

This chick is full of life and most of the time so smiley like she is here!

with me...

and darmi...

So ready to eat her Daddy's birthday cupcake!

Lastly...her new talent:

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