Monday, October 3, 2011

Ella's 1st Family Walk

We've got a true walker here in the Penrod house. That means no more crawling and I couldn't be happier!!!  Everyone kept telling me how I wouldn't want her to walk and I just kept telling them how I couldn't wait for her to walk and get up off the ground!  There have definitely been more bumps and bruises but it is so much fun to see her toddling around.  She Loves to be outside so we went on our 1st family walk with her and she was having a blast...she's so proud of her new talent!  She walked forever and then slept so great :)  Here are a bunch of my Tiny-E walker and Ms. Aves!!

my smiley girl...and such a babbler too!!

she points and asks about EVERYTHING!

doesn't she look like such a big girl??  slow down girlfriend!!

starting to finally get some more hair.  woohoo!

singing on the "singing rock" down by the pond.  ella really wanted to join.

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