Friday, October 14, 2011


I took the girls up to the park the other afternoon after Avery's music class. It was that time of the early evening after nap and between dinner...the dead zone where you sometimes twiddle your thumbs to find something for them to do before the meltdowns begin.  Beautiful weather, the park works.

Ella Loves to swing!!  Who doesn't really???

Avery's on the bench in the background for a 5-minute time-out for smacking her sister in the head!

Time-out is over :)

On the tallest slide at the park. 

Making her way around the jungle gym with me as her shadow.  I never get nervous with her but I could just see her walking right off. 

For the most part, Ella played in the wet wood chips and was completely covered with them.  They were all in her mouth, on her paci, in her hair.  She was a mess!  Totally worth it!

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