Monday, October 10, 2011

Watters Creek

All summer long we could never go up to listen to the music at Watters Creek because it was so hot so the 1st weekend it actually cooled down a bit, we took the girls up there for music and ice cream.

But first...we had to stop in to the newest store there which I've been waiting so patiently for.  I Love this store.  The clothes, accesories, home goods, etc.  It's Fab!

Sitting together eating their ice cream.  At least for the moment.

Yeah, someone discovered chocolate ice cream :)

Me and My Aves

Semi-family shot

Attempts at a full family shot.  Ella will eventually look at the camera and smile.

Ready to dance or at least bounce!

I don't know what she did and I wish it was focused on her instead of the background but this pic just makes me smile :)

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