Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why I Should Listen to My Dad!

Because I should listen to my Dad even though I still act like I know more than him sometimes because clearly I think I'm a teenager even though I have a family of my own, this is what I will now be running with when I'm out on a run: 

And this is why...this morning, I went out for a run around the "neighborhood" mind you around 6:30.  It's the same route I do almost all the time. 

Let me set the mood for was still dark outside which made me think why am I even out before the sun rises, it was drizzly, there was a bit of lightning and thunder, and I was half way through my run.  I was running down one of the residential streets when up ahead around the bend in the road behind the hedges, this dog comes out:

Okay, clearly it wasn't this dog, but it seemed to be something offly close! 

1st thought...why the hell don't I have the mace my Dad gave me on me right now???  Oh, of course, because my neighborhood is safe and I would never encounter such a thing as an aggresive, barking dog who clearly has gotten out of his house or yard!

2nd thought, I saw a light on in the house a few back with a man working in the dining room, turn around slow while keeping an eye on the crazy dog and make your way back there. 

So, here I am, 10 til 7:00 in the morning, knocking on a stranger's door hoping to not get attacked by this dog who by the way followed me almost the whole 2 houses back to this man's house.  The man opened the door a crack and I told him what was going on and would he mind if I just stayed on his porch or came inside to call Tim to pick me up??  Obviously he was hesitant for a second before he heard the dog.  I came in, he went back out to check and the dog ended up leaving.   Thank you, thank you sweet man for letting me come in I told him as I ran back home the other direction. 

Back on the main road...I ran into the freaking dog again 2 blocks ahead on the other side of the street.  He saw me from a distance with back stiffened but too far from his "home" I guess to do anything about me.  So, I turned back around and went home the way I came.

And that is why I want to say "Sorry Dad for not listening to you and carrying my mace in the 1st place!  Thanks for looking out for me! I Love You!!" 

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