Friday, September 2, 2011

My Big Girls!!

Yesterday was a big day for the girls because they both got new car seats in the car, well Ella got the one Avery has been using but it's new to her.

Avery got her new, big girl booster seat that she says is the best because she feels like such a Big Girl!

And when I put Ella in her new seat she looked at me with a big ol' smile. Though, once we got moving I think she was hesitant about the whole change-up but she's pleased now. She will turn 1 next week...holy s*** where did the year go, and she keeps peeking around her infant car seat so I thought why not switch them around.

My back seat looks totally different now and I LOVE looking back and seeing them both looking at me. It's even better when they are both smiling :) Enjoy girlies!!

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