Friday, August 5, 2011

My Lovebugs

i have just been having so much fun these 2 lately. i can't believe ella turns 11 months in just a few days! i've been pretty bad lately about grabbing the camera so i did just that the other night while ella was playing and avery joined in. check out my cuties!

she is always finding someone's shoes...we are in trouble!

starting to get a few more locks. still not sure if she will have curly or straight hair.

she pushes everything around the room, but still won't use her walker.

and, she has no problem crawling anywhere!!  i forget how fast babies can crawl.

hey big girl!

loves her activity table.  the best is when she bobs her head or bounces to the music either playing from the buttons she pushes or from the radio

um, crazy face!

daddy, "help me"!

anything for you sweet ella...i think this is my most favorite pic right now.  can you see from just the side view that i have of her how much she adores him.  it's so amazing to watch them together.

check out this procession of her being so proud that she's walking!

nothing better than a kiss!!!

oh, here comes crazy with the toy bucket.  poor ella.  she's a good sport most of the time.

i love her belly laugh.  you can't help but laugh along!

another set of big brown eyes to get lost in

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