Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun Week

We are getting good at playing inside right now since it's over 100 everyday outside.  But, we still get out when we are going stir-crazy and there's always swimming somewhere :)

Avery going on a safari with her camo vest and binoculars...Papa, I think she's almost ready to go hunting!!

Sticky hair makes for great girlie mohawks!

Avery loves her "One Hot Moms" - edamames :)  I keep telling her they are called edamames but she insists they are "one hot moms"...have no idea where she came up with this name.

The collection is complete!  All 6 strawberry shortcake figures, now we're on to the Smurfs.  McDonald's really knows how to market to these little ones :)

Drinking from a straw...her new trick.  Don't mind the nap hair :)  She drank 1/2 of Avery's smoothie at the grocery yesterday.  She was loving it!

Check out this house that got wrapped.  Saw it on a morning run and just had to take a pic.  They did a pretty good did they get it all the way up in the tree??

Hanging out with girlies and their hubbies that we haven't seen in forever!  It was so much fun!!

The 2 princesses having lunch with Nana

Avery walking Ella all around the house.  We are really close to walking on our own!  Watch out!

And, here's a quick video of the munchkin. Don't mind my high-pitched voice in the background...hate it!  I swear she says her name back to me one time but totally on accident, obviously!

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kitty said...

So cute!! Thanks for sharing the pics & video! Love it!!!