Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anniversary Date with the Hubs

Saturday night, Tim and I went out for our 9th's amazing that we've been married for 9 years! I still vividly remember him proposing to me!

We watched our wedding video with Avery on our actual Anniversary because she always gets so upset that she's not in any of our wedding photos though we repeatedly tell her that we had to get married first so we could have her :) She was so excited to watch it with us! I loved reliving that day with Tim and all our family and friends watching us as we became a married couple. I also loved seeing the slideshow that Cassie put together for us. And, seeing everyone that gave us toasts, dancing on the dance floor and enjoying themselves.

We had so much fun the other night bowling that instead of going to a long, fancy dinner, we decided to head back up to Splitsville. Our 1st plan was to go to La Duni in the shops there, but we've really been enjoying our wine room when the girls are gone so before we left we spent some time drinking a bottle of yummy white wine and by the time we were ready to eat it was getting pretty late and we were pretty hungry.  Tim had said that someone he worked with said they had really good sliders at the bowling alley so it didn't take much persuasion to change my mind especially since we knew we'd have at least an hour wait there.  I know, bowling alley food??? Gross!!  But, they had a fantastic menu and I was really impressed with the food we had!

pic of us at home before we left for the night

my "split" wine glass

going for yet another strike :)

i'm in trouble!

really proud of myself in our 1st game beating him by 1 point especially at the 100 mark!!

not too shabby on the 2nd, good job babe!

not so proud on my 3rd but way to go tim...schooled me!

woohoo for me on the 4th

and 5th!  i almost redeemed myself for the total score but tim beat me by 8 points.   boo!! I don't even think it should be allowed since he didn't even break 100!    we're not competitive at all :)

thanks for a fantastic past 9 years baby!!  love you!

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The Mrs.! said...

Congrats!! I had to let my hubs read your post!! He..of course...followed up with high school stories. Y'all are pretty good bowlers!!