Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yummy Heart Cupcakes

Avery and I were at the store last week and she was helping me shop and put everything in the cart. We got to the baking aisle and of course ran into the cupcakes so we just HAD to get a box to make at home. And, we HAD to make them before lunch. What was I thinking :) We did make them before lunch but at least ate a little lunch (and I stress little) while they were cooking. Avery was such a good helper and we had so much fun!!

Checking out all the ingredients

Will I ever get a real smile out of her again???

Pouring in the water

Watching it all mix up

Our finished products before the icing and sprinkles - thanks Nana for our super-cute Heart cupcake mold

Here's Avery's cupcake - do you think she has enough sprinkles??

DELICIOUS!! Notice that her lunch has barely been touched. Oh well, she'll eat again later!

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